Mission Statement

The Northbridge Public Schools’ Technology Program is dedicated to enhancing teaching, learning and administration through the effective use of information technology while providing students with the skills required in an increasingly technology-based society.

Technology in NPS

The term "technology" has many meanings in the Northbridge Public Schools. To better differentiate between the various aspects of technology, the District has adopted the following terminology:

  1. Technology Systems:  Infrastructure/network, computers, information systems, tech support;
  2. Instructional Technology:  Teachers using technology to teach;
  3. Science & Technology/Engineering:  Drafting, manufacturing, materials, engineering, science classes, etc;
  4. Technology Literacy:  Teaching students how to use technology/computers.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Steve DiMare Technology Systems Network Manager
Steve Falconer Technology Systems Systems Administrator
Julianne Fields Technology Systems Information Systems
Sommer Riolo District Instructional Technology Specialist
Lori Hippert District Instructional Technology Specialist