Curriculum & Common Core

What are we teaching in Northbridge Public Schools?

The Northbridge Public Schools have been working doggedly over the past three years to align curriculum, instruction and assessment to both the MA state frameworks and the Common Core Standards  in order to provide our students with rigorous and relevant lessons that will prepare them for both college and careers.

Both Balmer Elementary and Northbridge Middle School teachers have been working with professors from WPI for the last two years to gain a deeper understanding of the Next Generation Science Standards and how to use them to create inquiry-based lessons that foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills.    

Across the district, we have created well-structured unit (module) plans in both ELA and math that incorporate challenging standards-based lessons and culminate in curriculum embedded performance assessments (CEPAs).  You can view samples from each grade on this website.  

We have also created standards-based tests for each unit (module) that assess each student's mastery of the standards that were taught throughout the unit (module).  Standards for each unit were carefully selected by each grade level, and materials and resources for each unit were also carefully chosen to provide students with high-interest and real-world learning tasks.  

Pacing guides that reflect the MA and Common Core standards taught at each grade level are available on the curriculum page.  Materials and resources used by the teachers for each unit (module) are also listed on the pacing guides.    

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