Pre-payments are strongly encouraged as this makes meal lines move more quickly.  We insist that all meals be paid in full.

However, under certain circumstances students will be allowed to charge on their account if they do not have money at the time of service.  Re-payment is expected the next school day.  We must adhere to a charging limit of $11.00 on all accounts.  That’s about four meals.  Please be prompt with your payments.  We can discuss cases with the students, after which collection letters will be sent home with them.  If payment is not received, the student will be given a nutritious alternative meal such as a sandwich, milk and a side when the balance charged exceeds $11.00.  We will track the alternative meal and the student remains responsible for its payment.

Pre-payment checks should be payable to Northbridge School Food Service.  Please include the student’s name, 5 digit number and remit to your child’s school.  We would appreciate it if you would help your child learn his/her number as it never changes while he/she is in the school system.