Helpful Terminology

DOE:  Department of Education.

FAPE  (Free and Appropriate Public Education): Special Education standard for education services under federal law.

IEP  (Individualized Education Plan):  A written plan specifying services a child will receive that identifies goals, objectives and learning styles.

Inclusion:  Educational model which includes both disabled and non-disabled children in one classroom.

LRE  (Least Restrictive Environment):  Federal law provides for this program where children can be with non-disabled peers and receive special education services.

OT:  Occupational Therapy.

PT:  Physical Therapy.

Notice of Procedural Safeguards:  A brochure produced by the DOE which is designed to help you understand your school’s procedures, rights, and special education evaluation and placement process.

Team:  A group of persons, who together discuss evaluation results, determine eligibility, develop or modify an IEP, or determine placement.