District Goals

Northbridge School Committee
2015 — 2018 Goals

Goal 1 — Secure the requested budget to meet the needs of our students.

  1. Determine the needed funding for the FY17 budget
  2. Identify targeted list of stakeholders in the community for outreach
    1. Parents
    2. Community members
      1. Non-parents
      2. Non NPS parents
      3. Renters
      4. Town officials
      5. Alumni
    3. Voting age students
  3. Identify a list opportunities to educate the community on the needs/requirements of the schools, such as:
    1. Official/Unofficial forums to review school/student needs and budget impact/process
    2. Cadence of articles/press releases distributed to newspapers/media outlets (print and online)
    3. Produce segments on NPS YouTube Channel or Cable TV
  1. May each year, cased on outcome of town meeting/election
  1. Our proposed/recommended budget is approved at Town Meeting

Goal 2 — Demonstrate student achievement with the resources available.

  1. Identify metric(s) by which to determine achievement
  2. Set target goal for metric(s)
  3. Ensure budget is developed based on student achievement priorities (as identified by administration/staff/committee)
  1. November of each year (following testing results)
  1. Identified metric(s) target is achieved

Goal 3 — Execute capital maintenance and building project(s).

  1. Committee members participate in planning tours of school buildings
  2. Create a prioritized list of Capitalize Maintenance Projects
  3. Create a prioritized list of long term School Building Projects
  4. Cost analysis of Capital Maintenance expenses vs. Building Project Expenses
  1. TBD
  1. All identified actions complete
  2. Short term projects completed or in process