Teaching & Learning

We beleive that students thrive in a safe and supportive school environment that cultivates academic curiosity and success.  We strive to provide all students equitable access to an excellent education. The vision of Northbridge Public Schools is for all students to engage in an inclusive and innovative learning environment that cultivates respect and ownership and empowers them to succeed in an evolving local and global community.

The mission of the Nortbridge Public Schools, in partnership with students, families and the community,  provide a robust educational experience that inspires critical thinking, collaboration and creativity. We strive to cultivate resilience, personal responsibility and effective communication skills in all students to ensure their social-emotional well-being and personal success.

In support of our vision ans mission, we stive to provide all students with excellent instruction by working to ensure educators have strong content knowledge and access to high-quality instructional materials and professional learning that promote inclusive practice accessible to all students, rich and  engaginge learning experiences; while partnering families and the community.