Outside Internet Access

Internet Access for Students Outside of School

Whitinsville Social Library

The public library has a few computers for Internet access that can be used by library patrons, including students.  Students must have a valid library card.  Time online may be limited if others are waiting to use the computers.  The library is located at 17 Church Street in the Whitinsville section of Northbridge, near Town Hall.  For details, call (508) 234-2151 ext. 4.

Rockdale Youth Center

Computers with Internet access are available to students ages 8 through 13 after school for homework and games.  Students must have parental permission prior to using computers.  Time online may be limited if others are waiting.  The Rockdale Youth Center is located at 2219 Providence Road (Rt. 122), in the Rockdale section of Northbridge (across from Cumberland Farms).  For more information, call (508) 234-0272.