Virtual High School

What is VHS?

Virtual High School is a non-profit consortium of schools that offer full-semester online courses to the participating schools' students.

Through VHS, courses are made available to students which typically wouldn't be offered because not enough students in one high school would be interested in that course, courses like American Popular Music, Animation and Effects, or Digital Geography - More than a Jeopardy Category!

Students participating in VHS NetCourses have the opportunity to participate with other students from other states in a virtual classroom learning experience. Students who take online courses are gaining many of the skills such as multimedia presentation skills, online collaboration and communication, assessment of online resources, and online team-building skills that are essential to the 21st Century learner.

You can learn more about Virtual High School by visiting their website.

How do I join VHS?

  1. Talk to your guidance counselor;
  2. Check out the course catalog at the VHS website;
  3. Choose three or four courses you would like to take;
  4. Talk to your parents;
  5. See your VHS Site Coordinator to complete registration forms and enroll.