Prescription and will require a written prescription from the student’s physician.  A NEW PRESCRIPTION MUST BE OBTAINED EACH SCHOOL YEAR.  Forms may be obtained in the Health Office.  All medication must be brought to school by a parent or guardian.  The nurse will NOT accept medication from a student.

Students with asthma and students who require an EpiPen will be allowed to carry inhalers/Epipens with them during the school day.  Written permission from the physician and parent is required for this.  Students are not allowed to carry any medication with them during the day, including over-the-counter medication.  All medications have potentially serious side effects.  Students found with any medication will be referred to the Assistant Principal for disciplinary action.

Please make arrangements to have any medications that are left-over from the year to be picked up.  Any medications that are not picked up will be discarded.  The nurse is in the office during regular school hours.

Substance Use/Abuse

The school nurse may be asked to assess a student for signs of substance use in the school.  She will share her findings with Administration.

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