NHS Summer Reading

One of Northbridge High School’s most important goals is to provide opportunities for all students to be successful lifelong learners.  Whether a student pursues a college education or career, usescomputers and the Internet, or participates as an informed citizen in our democracy, reading isfundamental to life’s activities.

This year we will begin “A Community of Readers” program.  Members of the faculty have agreed toread selected titles that were suggested by our current students.  This list features many differentgenres and interesting topics, and we are offering a variety of titles from which to choose.  We hopethat each student finds an exciting title to read!  All students will sign up to read one book from thelist.

During the first few weeks of September, each student will meet with a group of their peers and atleast one staff member who read the same book.  The discussion session will begin with studentsresponding to a thought-provoking prompt, and they will then have an engaging roundtablediscussion of the book.  Based on their response to the opening prompt and participation in thediscussion, each participant will qualify to receive up to five points on one assignment in a class oftheir choice.

*In addition to reading the title, we ask that students take brief notes while reading - about one pageof a standard notebook is sufficient. These notes will aid readers in their discussion in the fall.Students should also bring these notes to their Summer Reading group.

All students should sign-up for a book prior to leaving for the school year.  If you have any questionsor concerns, please contact Amber Lundsten 

A note to parents:

We hope that by providing students a forum for reading, sharing, and discussing books that mostinterest them, they will find reading a pleasurable experience. Reading can be a family activity; weencourage family members to read along and discuss the book with their child.  We also welcomeparents to join us in our discussions in the fall.

Please read the attachments for advice on "Active Reading" and the list of book titles.

Summer Reading Sign Up Link


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