Student Recognition

Kudos Program Criteria

Any student is eligible to be given a Kudos Kard if they have exhibited a behavior that demonstrates our RAMS mission. Teachers can give out Kards to students who have made improvement academically. For example, if a student works hard to bring a grade up from an F to a C, they are certainly showing achievement.

Students should drop their cards into the “Kudos box” which will be kept in the Main Office. On the 3rd Wednesday of each month the Kudos committee (which is open to any teachers or staff) will sort through the Kards that are returned and compile a list of one student from each grade for each of the four RAMS categories.

Students who are selected by the Kudos committee will then be honored at the monthly Kudos reward breakfast. Students honored at the Awards breakfast will also be given Kudo’s coins which can be used like cash at the school store or cafeteria.

All the kudos kards will then be saved and put into a drawing for end of quarter prizes. The Kudos program runs from September to May.

Student of the Month Criteria

A student of the month is a student who exhibits our RAMS mission statement in the classroom over an extended length of time. Students should be nominated based on exceptional performance, effort, and attitude in the classroom. *Nominations need not only be given for exemplary grades but also for exceptional effort. Nominations can also be based on overall improvement.

Students selected as Student of the Month will be honored at the Kudos recognition breakfast as well as having their picture and name posted in the main office for the month.