Schedule for NMS

Northbridge Middle School Schedule:


Wednesday ADVISORY Half Day Schedule:


Here is the Half Day Schedule (Used on 2/1/21 snow day)

Snow day Half Day

Here is an example on how you can read the Ipass schedule and apply it to the grid above.

This is a Grade 7 Student schedule from Iparent.

  • The last letter of the course highlighted tells you the block. (A,B,C,D)
  • The green is the ELB assignment.
  • The blue highlight is Related Arts assignment for Q1.

Grade 7 Sample

Starting Sept 14th this student would follow this schedule:

7:50 A - Math
8:48 B - SS
9:46 C - Science
10:40 ELB 
11:34 LUNCH
12:01 D - ELA
1:00 - Related Arts STEM