About NES

The Northbridge Elementary School students, parents, faculty, staff and administration comprise a diverse, creative and caring community. The Northbridge Elementary staff works hard to promote a life-long love of learning in their students.

At Northbridge Elementary, we value our students for their individual talents and interests. We enjoy getting to know the students as they begin to discover and refine their own individuality, talents and personalities. We have a strong focus on teaching students to read fluently and offer a 3-tiered approach to instruction to best meet the needs of all learners.  This systematic approach to providing high-quality, evidence-based assessment and instruction and appropriate interventions have proven to respond to student's individual needs.  In addition, our ELA curriculum also supports reading comprehension that embed the following critical areas:

Read about it
Think about it
Talk about it
Write about it

Our English Language arts block consists of a balanced literacy framework encompasses reading, writing, communication and oral language in both print-based and digitised forms and recognises that young children engage actively, to construct meaning and make sense of the world. The balanced literacy framework brings each of these dimensions together into a useful classroom structure that is developmentally appropriate and responsive to the stages of development that children pass through on their way to becoming independent readers, writers, thinkers and communicators.  Students in kindergarten receive a 60 min instructional block with an additional 30 minutes for fluency.  Grade 1 students receive 90 min instructional block with an additional 30 minutes for fluency.

Our students are provided experiences that show how mathematical ideas exist in the world around them and opportunities to express oneself mathematically are plentiful. Children in kindergarten and grade one are provided with at least 60 minutes of math instruction daily. Our preschool students also receive mathematical instruction using a hands-on approach with manipulatives. Our math curriculum is standards-based, supporting the 8 standards for mathematical practices.

Using a multi-media approach toward teaching Social Studies curriculum, teachers brings "learning to life" for every child.  Using the Studies Weekly and Second Step instructional resources, our goal is for each student is to become responsible citizens.

Our staff is currently working to align our science curriculum to support the Massachusetts 2016 Science Technology/Engineering standards. Our goal is to establish a curriculum that provides students with opportunities to solve complex, multidisciplinary problems and apply reasoning and innovative thinking to real-world applications.