Examinations & Screenings

Physical Examinations

Each child needs to present to the school nurse documentation of a physical examination prior to first school entry and at intervals of every three to four years thereafter.  If participating in competitive sports, physical exams are required annually.

Lead Poisoning Screening

Each child must present documentation of lead poisoning screening upon entry to kindergarten.

Preschool Vision Screening

Updated Preschool Vision Screening requirements were enacted in 2004.  Vision screening should be completed by the student’s primary care provider upon entry to kindergarten (within the previous 12 months), or within 30 days of the start of the school year; certification that kindergarteners have passed acuity (ability to see objects far away) and stereopsis (how well two eyes work together) screenings is required.


Immunizations are a vital communicable disease control mechanism, and evaluation of current immunization status is recognized as an important checkpoint in determining the student's affiliation with a primary health care provider.  State regulations require each child to meet grade entry immunization requirements.