District Update

Over the course of this past week, there have been many threats made to school districts in Massachusetts.  In light of these threats, we are taking precautions to make sure our students and staff are safe.  We have been in contact with the town’s Emergency Management Team, the Northbridge Fire and Police Departments, our School Resource Officer, and other neighboring towns to review our procedures in the event of a threat.  Our building principals are fully aware of these situations and have reviewed our safety protocols with staff.  If a situation arises, we will initiate our protocols and will be sure to communicate with our families and the community. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Best regards,

Dr. Catherine Stickney


District Report Card for 2014-2015

The federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) requires districts to annually prepare and distribute school and district report cards to the parents/guardians of all children enrolled in district schools. These report cards must contain information about teacher quality, assessment, and accountability for the district and its schools, and are important tools for sharing school and district information with families and the general public.

FY17 Budget Timeline

This attachment provides the schedule for the development of the school budget for fiscal year 2017. Stay tuned to the School Committee meetings for updates!

NPS: 2018 Our Strategic Plan

NPS: 2018  Excellence ~ ­ Accountability ~ ­ Collaboration: “Every Student, Every Classroom, Every Day"  presents the introduction to the Northbridge Public Schools' three year strategic plan. The foundation of the plan was derived from Dr. Stickney's Entry Plan and Entry Report.

Northbridge Public Schools - Summer Newsletter, July 2015

Please be sure to read the Summer Newletter for information and updates.

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