NPS Seeking Nurse Substitutes

Oh The Places A Nurse May Go

Northbridge schools are always looking for nurses to help us take care of students on Field Trips. Any licensed LPN or RN may apply to be added to our nurse substitute list and accompany students on a variety of trips from museums to orchards to plays and movies or to any variety of educational experiences off campus. 

What would you be responsible to do on a Field Trip? The school nurse gets the list of students and determines any known medical needs. Responsibilities may include giving a medication, handing out an inhaler, carrying an EpiPen for allergic emergencies, and providing first aid to students. You will be provided with a backpack with various medical supplies and any specific medications for the students traveling with you. The school nurse is always available by phone for questions or concerns.

If you think you might be interested, please contact Lori Johnson at 508-234-6221, ext. 5110 to set up an interview. Who knows the places you may go?