Core Values, Beliefs, and Learning Expectations

The Northbridge High School community provides an educational experience committed to high expectations and diverse learning opportunities for all students. Northbridge High School honors tradition by embracing change and innovation.

Core Values & Beliefs

We believe that responsibility is fostered through providing students with the tools to develop healthy lifestyles and to take ownership for their decisions and ethical behavior.

We believe that achievement is attainable for every student when they are actively involved in their own learning and are engaged in an individually challenging curricular pathway that emphasizes college and career readiness.

We believe that mutual respect should be demonstrated by all members of the school community and should include an appreciation for differences, diversity and perspectives in a safe and supportive environment.

We believe that service to both the school and local community teaches students to recognize their value as a citizen and community member.

21st Century Learning Expectations

Academic Expectations

Northbridge High School students, as self-directed learners, will:

  • read, write and communicate effectively
  • demonstrate problem solving skills, think critically and creatively
  • effectively and appropriately utilize technology to enhance learning

Social Expectations

Northbridge High School students will work effectively by listening, communicating, and collaborating while respecting different perspectives.

Civic Expectations

Northbridge High School students will embrace their role and responsibility as citizens and as members of a democratic society.